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Construction of the AEF Magach 7D conversion kit by Mike McNichols.

AEF kit #KI-506 and Academy kit #1358.
This is again another easy and straight forward conversion to build. Again there is no plastic surgery needed. The Academy hull and suspension are built stock. AEF provides resin sideskirts, front hull plates and a few small armour blocks by the driver's hatch. The parts need some cleanup but nothing major. Once cleaned, they are simply glued into place. I only added 3 details, the tow cable, wire foot loops, and I built the headlight mount and guard from wire and sheet plastic. The AEF kit comes with the lights, but not the mounts but I am not sure why

The turret is actually even more impressive than the Magach 7A kit. Again the turret is in 2 parts, upper and lower. The fit was not quite as good. But the cast side turret armour covers the joint very well. Again, the Academy kit provides the gun tube, cupola, FN mgs and turret mortar.  I did add quite a lot of extra detail to the turret; the tow cable, jerry can, 30 cal ammo boxes, and radio pack. The 30 cal ammo rack is cast in place. The hardest details to add were the wire braces, 3 per hatch. I think these are supposed to hold a tarp over the hatch when it is open. I did have to replace a few of the small bolts, but not many. I am still amazed that any of the bolts could be cast! The tarp on the turret basket is cast in place.

 Again I used the AEF paint for this model. I don’t know how accurate the color is, but I like it.

This was the first AEF kit I have built since about 1990. The quality and detail of AEF kits has dramatically improved!! I have built several more since these and all have been wonderful!