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M60A1 dozer

One of the very interesting new kits in the Patton line seemed to be ACADEMY's M60A1 with the dozer M9 kit. Until then the only way to build such a dozer was VERLINDEN's conversion kit.
Upon opening the box you are rather pleased by the sheer amount of parts inside. The M60A1 itself has a rather impressive amount of parts and with all those reactive armour and dozer parts the box really becomes cramped.
The M60A1 is a decent kit and can be build straight from the box.
I decided not to attach the reactive armour suit to the kit.
I covered the smoke grenade launcher parts E21 and E22 with TESA KREPP adhesive tape cut to form to simulate the leather covers used. Part D14 received the usual handle and the hulls tow hook assembly Parts C10 - 12 and C19 had to be assembled upside down so they don't point to the ground as indicated in the instructions. Plentifull accessories come straight with the kit! So far so good for the M60A1.
The M9 dozer assembly is a seperate kit and can be purchased as such by ACADEMY.
Basically it is rather usefull when building the dozer versions. The only problem is: It is not complete! ACADEMY did not enclose the hydraulic lines and reservoir attached to the tank itself. These will have to be scratchbuild, the hydraulic system is located on the left rear fender and back side of the tank. You will have to cut out the fender's section with the tool box and replace it with a sctratch build version of the system's components.
Too bad if you have already assembled the hull - like I did.
The pictures on this site may show you a little more. I suggest you get a lot of refs'. VERLINDEN's Warmachines at best. The dozer needs one or two lifting hooks attached to the blade.
Just as bad as the fender thing: the actuator mechanism, handles to operate the dozer from the driver's station, will have to be scratch build, too. The revised lighting system is not usable either. It has to be modified laregly, too.....
I can only advise you not to purchase this kit but to go for VERLINDEN's kit. It has all neccessary detail and gives you great advice for the completion of a dozer. The detail VERLINDEN's kit has can hardly be obtained by scratch building with the common skills of a modeler like me ....
Do not misunderstand me, the M60A1 kit by ACADEMY is a real good choice, but the dozer is way behind and simply not complete.
Also I am afraid that the M60's tracks' forms by ACADEMY are getting old, The track is way too wide and I had to cut the complete inner row of connectors to get it under the fenders. This problem is new to this kit and not everyone may want to purchase AFV-CLUB's excellent track-pack as replacement.
Finally I decided to give the old Patton a special highlight. I am growing tired of the usual greens and browns so I decided to have a desert MERDC painted.
Thanks to Wim Vink and Bob Morales for the help on this.
The colours I used are HUMBROL's M187/ M29 and black and a mixture of yellow and light tan.