George S.Patton
M26 Pershing
M46 Patton
M47 Patton
M48 Patton
M60 Patton
M 103
IDF Pattons
Kit List

Here is the proof of Jakko Westerbeke’s extensive modeling and photo work, click on the link below and don’t forget to check his construction notes, too!

M60 airfilter
M60 crew
M60 frontleft
M60 frontright
M60  leftfender1                    M60 CONSTRUCTION NOTES
M60 leftfender2
M60 rearleft
M60 turretleft

M60A1 frontleft
M60A1 frontright
M60A1 hullfront                     M60A1 CONSTRUCTION NOTES
M60A1 rearleft
M60A1 rearight
M60A1 turretleft

M60A2 cupola
M60A2 enginecover
M60A2 frontleft
M60A2 frontright                  M60A2 CONSTRUCTION NOTES
M60A2 leftfender
M60A2 rearleft
M60A2 rearight
M60A2 turretleft