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PORTUGUESE M60A3 TTS tweaks list by Luis Alho:

The M60 A3 TTS (Tank Thermal Sight) entered service in the Portuguese Army circa 1994 replacing the ageing M48A5. They equip the Regimento de Cavalaria Nº4 (RC4) (Cavalry Regiment No 4), unit belonging to the Brigada Mecanizada Independente (Independent Mechanized Brigade), based in Santa Margarida with NATO duties. The M60 are also used by some units for training purposes in Escola Prática de Cavalaria, based in Santarém. As of today the Portuguese Army still operates some 80-90 M60’s.

The model represents the tank of the commander (No.001) of Grupo de Carros de Combate (GCC) (Combat Vehicles Group) as it was displayed in 2004 on the Dia das Forças Armadas (Armed Force Day) at the city of Viseu.

Transformation of the Italeri M60 A1 base kit:
- The tracks should not protrude under the track guards (they protrude incorrectly).
- Bolts were added to the top of the shock absorbers.
- The periscopes need replacement (especially the front ones).
- The base of the smoke dischargers needs replacement with more detailed ones. I scratchbuilt mines and added the wires.
- I replaced the base for the antenna and for the wind sensor (that I made from scratch)
- I replaced the armored covers and the sights on the turret top with better deatiled scratchbuilt parts.
- The turret basket structure should be thinned down.
- I added spare tracks on the turret as per photos. Note that the treads are reversed.
- I added spare road wheels (from M48) on the turret as per photos.
- I added supports and pin locks for the steel towing cables. The ends are usable but I replaced the cable with a metal one.
- Many pieces that are sheet metal plate on the real vehicle need to be thinned with a file, like the protective sheets on the back and the track guards’ supports.
- The front light brush guards need replacement or the use of a square file to carve them to an L form section like I did. They were further detailed by blocks and bolts on the glacis where they are screwed  onto the front plate of the vehicle.
- The gun tube received a thermal sleeve and much better detailed brackets with springs.
- The Air filters lacks detail and crispness, so I detailed mines with bolts, wire holders and new hinges.
- The jerrycans were replacemed and the straps to lock them detailed. The base needs a thin lip around the edge and the holder for the strap. I scratchbuilt all this with very thin metal strip. I used one American and one German jerrycan as per photos of this particular vehicle.
- The vehicle depicted also has spare track treads on the rear turret basket. I also scratchbuilt them from plastic strip.